About MPEX

MPEX 2012

The first Exhibition of Footwear, Bags, Leather and Related Industries by the name of MPEX was held in 4 halls with a total area of about 3000 square meters of exhibition space attended by 76 Iranian and foreign companies from Italy, Germany, China and Turkey at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by officials from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, the Presidential Office, Trade Union officials, heads of organizations, the Iraqi ambassador, bank executives and executives from shoe, leather, and apparel companies. Shoe Design classes by Italian professors was part of the MPEX 2012 Exhibition.

MPEX 2013

The Second International Exhibition on Footwear, Bags, Leather and Related Industries from 24-27 September at the International Olympic Hotel Exhibition Center in Tehran with the participation of more than 110 Iranian companies and 50 foreign companies from Italy, Turkey and Germany in 6 halls with 6000 square meters exhibition space. The exhibition was welcomed by visitors and businessmen from various countries such as Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, India, Italy, Romania and Germany.

MPEX 2014

The 3rd International MPEX Exhibition was held from 17-20 November 2014. With great wisdom and empathy of all the trade and industrial associations in the field of footwear, bags, leather, machinery and related industries, a world-class exhibition of technology and knowledge was formed. The exhibition, held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center, aims to increase the quality of products, optimize the distribution according to the global standards, meet the needs of various competitive markets in Iran and other countries and provide access for Iranian producers to regional markets.

MPEX 2015

MPEX 2015 was held in collaboration with trade and industrial organizations consisting of Tehran Handmade Shoes Union, Tehran Saddlery Union, Iranian Artificial Leather Manufacturers and Exporters Union, Tehran Machine Made Shoes and Rubber Soles Union, Tehran Leather and Shoe Accessories Union, Association of Managers and Experts of Iran Shoe Industry in Tehran International Exhibition Center 27-30 November. The goals of this exhibition are to provide a suitable framework for foreign investors, get acquainted with the latest technology and industry, to pave the way for competition among manufacturers and to optimize the distribution system of products.

MPEX 2016

MPEX 2016 was held with over 280 top manufacturers as well as representatives from Italy, Germany, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand and Taiwan at a total area of 22000 square meters at Tehran International Exhibitions Center. The aim of the exhibition is to promote export and production technology and to gain access to up-to-date knowledge, which has grown rapidly over the course of last 5 years.

MPEX 2017

The 6th Exhibition of Footwear, Bags, Leather and Related Industries MPEX 2017 was held with more than 250 top manufacturers as well as representatives from Germany, Italy, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Thailand and Taiwan, at the Tehran International Exhibitions Center, with about 20000 square meters space. Export promotion and promoting technology and world-class knowledge in footwear, bags, leather and related industries was the goals of this exhibition.

MPEX 2018

The 7th International Exhibition of Footwear, Bags, Leather and Related Industries MPEX 2018 was held with more than 100 domestic and foreign companies from Turkey, Italy, China and Germany in four halls located at Tehran International Exhibitions Center with about 15000 square meter space. In the exhibition trade relations between Iranian and Turkish manufacturing companies and Iran and Italy were made, which improved the quality of the manufactured products. Fortunately, MPEX Exhibition has now become an event that can attract foreign investors and contribute to the production sector by improving the quality and price adjustment of finished products. It is hoped that under the current conditions of the country, which we are under economic pressure, we can take a small step towards advancing the economic goals of the Islamic Republic and we can help exit the current situation.